“As independent consultant in a busy everyday life this education program and the covered topics (extremely relevant) has opened my eyes to the importance/necessity of my continuing professional development. The processes in the program creates the space for important reflection together with professional consultant colleges”.

Malene Sønderskov
Partner, Senior Consultant, Strategy House

 “As an anthropologist I have always seen myself as having the expert role in my professional work. During the education program I got conscious to the diversity of the many consultant roles between being an expert and a facilitator thus using different tools and methods. This insight leaves me with clarity, workability and the possibility of acting more professional. The development in the education I have noticed – that I follow the same pace”.

Drs. Esther Sarphatie Bac
Cultural Anthropologist

Accountmanager in local government organization of Hilversum
Assignements: qualitive researcher and internal Consultant , Municipalities
The Netherlands

“As an expert – The gift for me is that I get the theoretical foundation for consulting. Furthermore – being in this learning environment – the group exercises where you share opinions, values, and fundamental ethical dilemmas, deepens my professional behavior. It’s all about communication.”

Pia Bach Stoffer
M.Sc. Biotechnology.
Owner of Bach Consulting,

I have been working and teaching at the university for the most of my life, now retired and leading a post diploma group there. At the same time I have a small training company, being a trainer for almost 30 years.

This education is a great inspiration for me: starting with helicopter perspective and the sequential approach of consultant processes building up the understanding of consultancy. The essential for consultancy is the processes and the consultant’s personality – highly demonstrated by the trainers in this program.

In the Education program I saw – contrary to being dogmatic – that the ability to apply and integrate the intersecting thinking from the different consultant disciplines is the answer to the diverse needs from the individual customers.

Krzysztof Brocławik
Ph.D. Social Psychology