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The Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organizations (BAMCO) unites and represents professional consulting companies and certified consultants. The Association is founded in 1997 and today through its members BAMCO can access more than 300 highly qualified management consultants.

Since 2001 BAMCO is a full-fledged member of the International Council of Management Consultants Institutes (ICMCI), the worldwide institute for quality assurance in the field of management consultancy. In September 2013 BAMCO has been cleared in its third re-accreditation held in London and continues to enjoy the benefits of full reciprocity and membership of ICMCI. As such the Association is authorized to offer to individual practitioners the qualification degree Certified Management Consultant (CMC) recognized worldwide. All BAMCO individual members have obtained the qualification CMC.

BAMCO mission is to maintain high professional and ethical standards in the field of management consulting, to contribute to the development of the management consulting market and to support its members in identifying and realizing of business opportunities. BAMCO aims to be one of the major partners of the Bulgarian and international business, governmental and non-governmental organizations, in the accelerated economic and social development of the country.

Major priorities

  • Unification of professional consulting companies and individual consultants who contribute to the high repute and recognition of the profession.
  • Maintaining high professional and ethical standards in the field of management consulting, development of the professional qualification and the competences of Bulgarian consultants.
  • Representation and protection of the members’ professional interests.
  • Identification, exchange and realization of business opportunities by creating favorable conditions for mutual acquaintance and partnership among the members of the organization.
  • Identification and realization of business opportunities by partnerships with the Bulgarian and international business, state, municipal, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Who is CMC Denmark:

The purpose of our institute is to take care of our members personal and professional development.

Our members are:

  • Independent management consultants
  • Small and medium sized management consultant companies

Focus on:

  • Code of conduct and Ethics
  • CPD (Continuing professional Development)
  • Management Consultant Certification

Breaking news:

  • International Education Program for management consultants

Member of:

  • CMC-Global

MATRIK was established in April 1998 as a non-profit organisation whose main goal is to increase management competency level in Poland by supporting trainers and consultants, as well as providing them with conditions for professional development.

MATRIK promotes modern management methods. It helps companies and organisations to access professional training and consulting services and is a platform for sharing knowledge and experience.

The Association awards the MATRIK Management Trainer’s Certificate in training, learning and development, acknowledging the professional qualifications to perform the management trainer profession worldwide. The certification method of Management Trainers used by MATRIK was developed in cooperation with Thames Valley University from London and is based on  British competency standards  NVQ – National Vocational Qualification. MATRIK used to be a certification center for  EDEXCEL INTERNATIONAL for few years and for PEARSON EDEXCEL INTERNATIONAL  for the last few years (refering to confirmation of Trainers competencies). Currently MATRIK is delivering its own certificates for Management Trainers.

Since 1999 the Association runs two “Train the Trainers” development programmes: MATRIK Management Trainer’s Course and MATRIK Management Trainer’s School – both as a part of open and closed projects – dedicated to specific organisations and institutions, as well as cofounded by European Union funds.

MATRIK organises monthly development meetings for trainers and consultants as a part of MATRIK Regional Management Trainer’s Clubs in thirteen Polish cities. Currently organization gathers 80 members.

The sede of organisation is in Krakow, where the office is located. At the moment MATRIK manages a net of 13 Regional Clubs  all over Poland. MATRIK is one of the leading educational organisations specialised in train the trainers on the Polish market.

MATRIK is very experienced in developing a net of cooperating regional offices and has cooperation with diverse organisations supporting business developement in Poland as well as cooperates with Universities and business schools.

Few years ago MATRIK has introduced the operating rules and functional procedures  aiming at ensuring the high quality of managament. Organisation has well defined structures and roles. It has also developed an Ethic Codex of Trainers. The transparency of rules is ensured by developed procedures. As MATRIK received few grants from ESF (National and Regional Programmes) for projects aiming training the trainers, there was a need of development special procedure to effeciently manage EU funded projects. The implemented and tested procedures will be adjusted to Erasmus + in order to ensure the best quality project management.

The mangement cosists of 4 members and representation to make important decisions and sign contracts consits of 2 members of management.  As regards the approach to implementing strategy of organisation each member has the opportunity to participate in discussions focused on professional issues and express opinions determining the policy of the association.


MATRIK is experienced in developing and delivering training programmes, specialised in running two “Train the Trainers” development programmes: MATRIK Management Trainer’s Course and MATRIK Management Trainer’s School. The Association initiated the train-the-trainers programmes on the Polish market in 1999 and one of its achievements is the amount of graduates: 577 from Trainer’s School and 546 from Trainer’s Courses. An important outcome are 81 certified Trainers educated by MATRIK.

The Association awards the MATRIK Management Trainer’s Certificate in training, learning and development, acknowledging the qualifications to perform the management trainer profession worldwide.

Two years ago MATRIK set up the professional development group gathering experienced management consultants – the Consultant Club. This group of MATRIK members shares knowledge on tools and methods used in management advisory, runs market research and educational events for management consultants. In 2014 it run a research on educational market in consulting field in Poland. MATRIK also has expertise in building international partnership since it has cooperated for many years with British organisations certifying Management Trainers.