Become a consultant

Become educated as an international management consultant

Strengthen your consulting competences in this internationally developed consulting education.
This consultancy education targets all who apply consulting methods in their everyday work. The education can at all times be adjusted to a student’s specific educational needs.
An Erasmus project is behind the education and is managed by professional consultants from Holland, Bulgaria, Poland and Denmark in co-operation with acknowledged research environments.

Why is the Education Relevant?

The consulting line of business is continuously challenged by customers’ increasing demands for the consultant’s capabilities to create trustworthiness around consultants’ fundamental livelihood.

Obtained Competences

The ability to create trust, which is neither too intimidating, nor too distanced. The ability to demonstrate professional competences. The ability to work internationally without loosing one’s national standpoint. The ability to enter a new situation or company quickly and customize solutions. Familiarity with methods and trends, that the customer has had time to become familiar with. The ability to deliver results, which makes a measurable difference.

The consultants’ abilities endure considerable amounts of pressure, but that is the future’s consultant – whether we like it or not.
As customers become increasingly capable themselves, it is no surprise that demands of consultants’ competences increase accordingly. Today consultants are used with the aim of having a financial impact. And is commonly accepted that the impact needs to be larger than simply covering costs of having an already existing conclusion rubber-stamped.

The Education’s Target Group

Primary target groups:managers and experts who would like to proceed towards a consulting line of businessSME (Subject Matter Experts) within the consulting field, internal consultants, graduates who would like to improve their consultancy qualifications etc. You know better which “track” suits you the best.

An Ambitious Education

The education is designed to enhance your competences and your business. Focus is on enhancing your capabilities and behavior through practical training (preferably on own projects) and concurrently enhance your business insight and relational buildup, so that your business’ value is increased.

Experienced Educators

An ambitious education demands experienced and certified educators, which come from both the academic and practical environment. All educators have many years of experience within the areas of which they teach.

The Education’s Structure

The education will be carried out in English and several other European Languages (Polish, Dutch, Danish, Bulgarian in respective countries Some are
The educational framework is an international Body of Knowledge, which is recognized by CMC Global. Check out
The education consists of 9 modules with 6 primary focal points (surrounding with a Premeeting and 2 Follow-up days):

You will learn:

  • Consulting as a deed
  • A consultant’s foundation
  • Relations and processes
  • Consultant’s roles
  • Framework for consulting work
  • Practical training in consulting


  • EQF 6-7, 15 ECTS points
  • 120 hours, education (3 days + 6 modules of 2 days) and ca. 60 preparatory hours
  • Assignments (duration ca. 50 hours), preferably working on own projects
  • Duration for education is ca. 6 months

Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree
  • 2-3 years of relevant consulting experience OR
  • Min. 5 year experience as manager or independent specialist

The admission requirement may vary. Please contact the training organizer of your choice.


  • The education is governed by EMC. European Management Consultant Competency Development Program

Is this education for right for you?

  • The education focuses on qualifying and distinguishing you
  • The education is preparatory for the internationally recognized CMC-certification as a management consultant
  • Content and structure of the education assure that your work is highly qualified and related to the CMC-certification, which you are guaranteed to achieve in the future.

How to apply:

The courses will be delivered in Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria and The Netherlands. Please contact one of the organizers, to learn more about dates, fees and pre-requisites (which may vary).