About the project


The consulting profession is usually performed by people who have acquired specialist knowledge during many years of professional career and rich educational path. However, the skills gained – despite being very high level – are often not enough for effective work as a management consultant. Competency required to perform tasks typical for managers or specialists are very different from those needed to become a consultant. The perspective and ability to influence others by managers or specialists, which are part of an organisation, is fundamentally different from consultant’s perspective. Expectations and used methods are also different.

There are few schools where it is possible to acquire skills specific for consulting profession. The quality of consultant’s work is measured by real benefit for the customer.  Those benefits are real when solutions proposed by a consultant are adequate to the organisation, meet the properly diagnosed needs and – last but not least – if they are implemented. We believe that the role of a consultant is not limited to diagnosing and proposing solutions. Consultant’s role is also to build commitment within a company and to bring about real changes. This is how we train consultants in our school.


The partners of the project European Management Consultant  – Competency Development Program – have set themselves the goal: to improve the quality of management consultant’s education in Europe and to adjust consultant’s education to market needs through development, testing and implementation of management consultant education program.


We have built an international partnership which aims to provide the widest possible access to diverse knowledge. The partners under the project are:

MATRIK Management Consultants and Trainers Association – the project leader. MATRIK’s members are trainers and management consultants. It is operating since 1998. The organisation’s mission is professional development of trainers and management consultants.

CMC Denmark – a member of International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. It associates management consultants.  The organisation cares for their professional development and certification.

BAMCO – a member of International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. It associates management consultants.  The organisation cares for their professional development and certification.

InDialogue –  a consultancy corporation specialised in communicative and relational aspects of organisational and educational life.

About the project:

Title: European Management Consultant – Competency Development Program
Start date: September 1st, 2015
End date: October 31st, 2017

Key activities:

Customer research – what business expects from management consultants.

Qualitative research in 4 partner countries was performed as part of this activity. 200 companies participated in the study. The result of this research is a report.

Education for consultants in sellected EU countries

During this activity, the partners have analysed the available educational services for management consultants in various European countries and in the United States.

Competency standards for consultants’ school

Under this activity, the partners have analysed the existing competency frameworks for the consultant profession and have created their own competency framework.

Consultants’ School Programme

The partners have developed a programme for the consultant school. The programme was validated during a 10-day pilot training (2×5 days) held in Copenhagen and Sofia.

Manual for Trainers

The partners have developed a manual for the school’s staff. The staff will also be trained under the project.

Web platform

The partners have created a web platform which contains material on consulting and active consulting community.


The project’s result is to establish schools for management consultants in four partner countries. The school’s programme is accredited by ICMCI. For more information please contact school organisers in partner countries: Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.