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The consulting profession is usually performed by people who have acquired specialist knowledge during many years of professional career and rich educational path. However, the skills gained – despite being very high level – are often not enough for effective work as a management consultant. Competency required to perform tasks typical for managers or specialists are very different from those needed to become a consultant. The perspective and ability to influence others by managers or specialists, which are part of an organisation, is fundamentally different from consultant’s perspective. Expectations and used methods are also different.

There are few schools where it is possible to acquire skills specific for consulting profession. The quality of consultant’s work is measured by real benefit for the customer.  Those benefits are real when solutions proposed by a consultant are adequate to the organisation, meet the properly diagnosed needs and – last but not least – if they are implemented. We believe that the role of a consultant is not limited to diagnosing and proposing solutions. Consultant’s role is also to build commitment within a company and to bring about real changes. This is how we train consultants in our school.